Education-plus June 2018 | 超越教育 2018年6月

E ight student musicians pounded out an earnest melody on two pianos, accompanied by percussionist Dr Lung Heung- wing, Honorary Artist-in-Residence and Mentor at EdUHK. Behind a wall of ornate instruments, he played tuned gongs in harmony with the students. With a flourish of trills on bells and triangles, he transitioned to a light “bong-chak, bong- chak” rhythm. It was their first and only rehearsal of Polka Concertata , a challenging musical piece, before their public performance in March. Honorary Artist-in-Residence Dr Lung began his relationship with EdUHK (the then Hong Kong Institute of Education) in 2011 as an Honorary Artist- in-Residence. “I’m very impressed by the EdUHK students,” said Dr Lung, citing their open-mindedness and solid musical background. “I know they can already read music very well, so I’d rather focus on inspiring them.” To accomplish this, Dr Lung often uses unconventional or homemade percussion set- ups. In a 2014 master class, he and his new students “broke the ice” by using metal kitchen hammers to smash ice cubes Teaching to the Beat of the Drum 敲擊鼓動 學在其中 to music. In another performance, he represented old-style Hong Kong by playing an abacus, bamboo scale and set of melodic kitchen pots that he tuned by hand. He has also been appointed as a mentor of EdUHK music students. “Dr Lung has not only taught our students musical knowledge and skills; he has also inspired them to become musicians who can contribute to society,” said Professor Leung Bo-wah, Head of the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts. He added that Dr Lung is part of a group of local artists who have generously offered their time and talent to nurture EdUHK’s young musicians. Having served 19 years as Principal Percussionist in the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Dr Lung is keen on theory, technique and practice. However, he sees these as merely pieces of the pie. “Music is supposed to be enjoyed,” he explained. “Of course, you have to prepare for examinations, but it’s important to laugh and enjoy the process. It’s all part of the fun.” 20 People 人物