Education-plus June 2018 | 超越教育 2018年6月

A top-notch scholar on Hong Kong studies, Professor Lui Tai-lok, EdUHK Vice President (Research and Development), has the mission of promoting research and development at the University. In recent years, the University has been striding forward to both ends, as reflected in its rising research funding and international profile and standing. Professor Lui shared with Education-plus his latest R&D priorities and strategies with the University's increasing involvement in education leadership and development in the Asia-Pacific region. And reflecting on his journey of personal growth during his tender years, he offered food for thought on how to overcome adversity and achieve success. 教大副校長(研究與發展)呂大樂教授是香港研究領域中首屈一指的學者,肩負推動教 大研究和發展的使命。近年,教大在研究和發展範疇有長足進展,在研究撥款、國際影 響力和地位均有所提升。呂教授接受《超越教育》專訪,談及大學的研發重點和策略, 指出教大在參與亞太區內教育領導和發展方面,正與日俱增。他並分享個人成長經歷, 如何克服逆境,學有所成。 Nothing to Lose at the Starting Line 起跑線上 何來輸贏 06 Interview 專訪