Education-plus June 2018 | 超越教育 2018年6月

Grooming and Inspiring Future Educators 培育俊彥 啟迪後進 T echnology advances have transformed our lives at unprecedented speed, changing the role of teachers and impacting all disciplines, industries and economies. Educators, in particular, have become facilitators of learning, who inspire students to proactively acquire new knowledge and become life-long learners with open-mindedness, global awareness and critical thinking. “Society pins high hopes on our University, as we nurture future educators who will shape our next generation in this fast-changing world,” Professor John Lee Chi-kin, EdUHK Vice President (Academic), told Education-plus . “This set the scene for a holistic review of the University’s Bachelor of Education (BEd) programmes in 2016. Our goal is to drive interdisciplinary development and provide more space and flexibility for student learning in response to the emerging needs of the community and changing education landscape.” 科 技日新月異,改變人類生活,速度之快前所未見,影響遍及 每個學科、行業和經濟體,教師的角色亦隨之改變。如今, 教育工作者尤其需要促進學生學習,啟發他們主動追求新知識、終 身學習及接受新思維,並擁有國際視野和批判思考。 教大副校長(學術)李子建教授接受《超越教育》訪問時指出:「我 們培育未來的教育工作者,以期在這個瞬息萬變的世界,塑造我們 的下一代。因此,社會對教大寄予很高的期望。」 李教授續說:「在這背景下,本校於二零一六年就教育學士學位課 程進行全面課程檢討,旨在促進跨學科發展,並為學生學習帶來 更大的空間與彈性,以回應不斷演變的教育環境與社會新需求。」 "PEER & I" stands for EdUHK’s new Graduate Attributes, namely Professional Excellence, Ethical Responsibility and Innovation “PEER & I”代表教大新畢業生素質,分別為專業卓越、道德責任與創新 02 Feature 專題