Education-plus June 2018 | 超越教育 2018年6月

Fulbright Scholar Advocates New Approach to Resisting Stress 富布萊特學者倡新抗壓論 A young psychologist at EdUHK is taking a fresh approach to understanding how we respond to stress. Dr Hou Wai-kai, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, recently completed a Fulbright research project at Columbia University, focusing on how our daily routine may support our ability to handle stress. 心理學系助理教授侯維佳博士是教大一位年輕心理學家,最近於哥倫比亞大學完成一 項富布萊特研究計劃,以嶄新方法瞭解如何應對壓力,專注於探討日常活動對處理壓力 的幫助。 22 People 人物