Education-plus December 2018 | 超越教育 2018年12月

Chinese learning made easy 輕鬆學中文 Chinese language learning continues to rise in popularity around the world, but picking up the language can be a challenge for non- native speakers who are not familiar with the script. Unlike alphabetic languages that use a set of letters, looking up a Chinese word in the dictionary can be daunting for beginners who do not have a good grasp of stroke counts and pronunciation. The logographic writing system can discourage students from learning Chinese. For ethnic minority students in Hong Kong, the lack of Chinese proficiency can pose problems in the long run, from securing a job in the city to integrating into mainstream society. 全球興起一股「中文熱」,學習中文成為潮流。然而,對非華語人士而言,要學會中文,誠 非易事。與英文不同,中文並非以字母組合成可發音的「拼音語言」,初學者利用字典查找 中文時,往往會被筆劃數目及發音難倒。 中文是「象形文字」,非華語學生在學習中文時,難免氣餒。對本港的少數族裔學生而言, 中文欠佳,影響深遠,不但對求職造成障礙,亦令他們難以融入主流社會。 12 Transforming Knowledge 知識轉化