Education-plus December 2018 | 超越教育 2018年12月

Forging community connections through the power of reading 營造閱讀風氣 加強社區連繫 P opular in cities in North America and Europe, One City One Book is making its debut in Hong Kong. With University funding, the Centre for Popular Culture in the Humanities is organising the citywide literary event, aimed at fostering a culture of reading and encouraging the sharing of opinions. Dr Bidisha Banerjee, Assistant Professor of the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies and Director of Hong Kong’s first-ever One City One Book said, “ The Arrival resonates on a number of levels. This multi-award-winning wordless graphic novel was an obvious choice for a multicultural city like Hong Kong; it tells a story of migration dealing with themes such as strangerhood and hospitality.” Apart from public events, EdUHK scholars will conduct workshops on the use of graphic novels to teach English as a second language, host sharing sessions with book illustrators and the local literary circle, and collaborate with non-government organisations that help people, like the protagonist, who are adjusting to life in a new place. 在 北美及歐洲廣受歡迎的「我城我書」活動,首次於香港亮相。 該活動旨在鼓勵城市人一起閱讀和討論同一本書。 是次全城文學活動將由教大資助,並由其轄下流行文化與人文學 研究中心舉辦,冀培養及推廣閱讀文化,鼓勵意見交流。 教大文學及文化學系助理教授、「我城我書」總監Bidisha Banerjee 博士表示:「《抵岸》獲選定為香港『我城我書』的第一本讀物, 是一本屢獲殊榮的無字圖像小說。它講述了一個關於移民的故 事,嘗試處理疏離感和接納異已等議題,顯然適合香港這個多元 文化城市。」 除了一連串公開活動,教大學者亦將利用《抵岸》中的插畫,作為 教授英語的題材,舉行工作坊。學者們亦會與非政府組織合作,幫 助那些與故事主角一樣的新移民,融入新生活。 Published by Hachette Australia 《抵岸》英文版由澳洲 Hachette 出版 A Foreign Land, A New Home: Shaun Tan’s The Arrival 5-13 January, Hong Kong Arts Centre 家在異鄉:陳志勇《抵岸》展覽 將於一月五至一月十三日,在香港藝術中心舉行 35 We Care 社區關懷