Education-plus December 2018 | 超越教育 2018年12月

Evergreen “Professor Tree” finds new calling at EdUHK 長青「樹博士」扎根教大新天地 Fondly called “Professor Tree”, Professor Jim Chi-yung is widely known in Hong Kong as the straight-talker who loves, defends and promotes Hong Kong’s heritage trees. At 65 years old, he is starting a new chapter in his life at EdUHK. 「樹博士」詹志勇教授,在香港可謂無人不曉。他率真、敢言,一直致力捍衛及宣揚保育古 樹的重要性。雖已年屆六十五歲之齡,他仍不言休,於教大展開人生新一頁,繼續埋首研 究工作。 06 Interview 專訪