Education-plus December 2018 | 超越教育 2018年12月

EdUHK shares knowledge across region 教大推動亞洲區內 知識轉移 EdUHK President Professor Stephen Cheung Yan-leung (sixth from left) leads a delegation to Moscow City University 教大校長張仁良教授(左六)率領代表團到訪莫斯科城市大學 T he landscape of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s largest city, bears witness to improving living standards and the emergence of a quickly growing middle class. From glittering skyscrapers and gourmet restaurants to ride-sharing apps embraced by tech- savvy youth, it is evident that the country has grown by leaps and bounds since the reforms were initiated in the early 1980s. About 7,000 kilometres away is Moscow, the capital of the world’s largest Eurasian country. Like Ho Chi Minh, Moscow is home to various architectural styles. The city is 在 越南最大城市胡志明市,都市的面貌反映了生活質素的提 升、中產階層的快速冒起和壯大。耀眼的摩天大廈、頂級餐 廳、廣受年輕人歡迎的共享應用程式,引證了越南自一九八零年代 初推動改革以來的急速發展。 位於七千公里以外的莫斯科,是全球最大歐亞國家的首都。與胡 志明市一樣,莫斯科擁有多樣化的建築風格,盛載了豐富的過往, 同時是一個充滿活力的舞台,展示了現代性和創造力。同樣面對城 市景觀不斷改變,兩個城市亦有同樣想法,深明「治國經邦,人才 為急」,教育和培訓不可或缺。 02 Feature 專題