Education-plus July 2019 | 超越教育 2019年7月

Art is everywhere 藝術零距離 A rt may seem remote to many, but it is actually part of our daily lives; in fact, it is likely just around the corner. Someone who has put art directly in the public view is Terena Wong Lai-tung, who is currently studying in Year 5 of the Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Visual Arts) programme at The Education University of Hong Kong. Since Year 1, she has volunteered for a variety of community art projects. She has worked with both government departments and charity organisations, and her work can now be seen in in different districts across Hong Kong, on staircases, pianos and school walls. 對 不少人來說,藝術看似高不可攀,其實卻平易 近人,可以在我們生活某個角落中隨時展現。 教大視覺藝術教育榮譽學士學位五年級學生王麗童, 正是將藝術普及於群眾的明證。她自大學一年級起, 便以義工形式參與各類型社區藝術計畫,與不同政府 部門和慈善組織合作。現時她的作品已遍佈各區,見 諸於樓梯、鋼琴,以至不同學校的牆壁上。 Painting Ink , Jao Tsung-I Academy, HK 饒宗頤文化館《繪墨》 We Care 社區關懷 40 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育