Education-plus June 2020 | 超越教育 2020年6月

In search of the happy middle ground 追尋快樂平衡點 M any years ago, as a young research assistant, Professor Kerry Lee drove around in his mobile laboratory, collecting data under Sydney’s blazing sun. His research involved conducting tests on 300 children and recording their reactions to misdeeds. The focus was to understand how young children reacted to adults’ wrongdoing, with the hope of learning more about the accuracy of children’s eyewitness memory. After majoring in psychology at undergraduate level, Professor Lee, Head of Department of Early Childhood Education, developed an inexplicable bond with children when working on his doctoral thesis. His research back then examined the factors which influenced the accuracy of children’s testimonies in court proceedings. On obtaining his PhD, he taught in the first private non-profit university in Australia and then lived in Singapore for 17 years after his appointment to the city state’s National Institute of Education. He applied his expertise in psychology to various educational issues throughout these years. It was during that period when he started his research on working memory capacity. He found a positive correlation: the higher the working memory capacity a student possessed, the better performance delivered 多 年前,年紀尚輕的李敬廉教授,在澳洲當研究 助理。為了蒐集研究數據,他毋懼烈日當空, 駕著實驗車—他的流動實驗室,四處奔走,為三百名 兒童進行測試,記錄他們對不當行為的反應。當年研 究的焦點在於瞭解兒童對成人不當行為會有何反應, 希望可以探知兒童目擊者記憶的準確性。 如今,李教授已成為教大幼兒教育學系系主任。他本 科主修心理學,但早於博士論文開始,便與兒童結下 不解之緣。他的研究題目均與兒童有關,主要探討他 們在法庭上陳述證據時,哪些因素會影響他們表達 的準繩度。李教授取得博士學位後,最初在澳洲首間 非牟利私立大學任教,其後受聘於新加坡國立教育學 院。他在當地長居十七載,一直善用其心理學方面的 專業知識,回應各類教育議題。 正是那段期間,他開展了有關工作記憶容量的研究。 他發現,工作記憶容量與學術成就之間有正面關係: 工作記憶容量愈大,學童在閱讀及數學方面的表現 便愈佳。為幫助數學能力欠佳的幼童,他與研究團隊 製作了多個手機應用程式,以改善他們的工作記憶容 People 人物 24 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育 Professor Kerry Lee 李敬廉教授