Education-plus June 2020 | 超越教育 2020年6月

Future teachers get taste of different educational cultures 準教師「飛」凡體驗 細味異地教育文化 P rimary school teachers in Hong Kong usually work exclusively in their specialised areas. In the United States, however, primary school teachers teach all core subjects, including English, mathematics, science and humanities. Teaching systems vary for different states. Viola Chong , BEd (Hons) in English Language - Primary, joined an overseas exchange tour to the United States run by EdUHK prior to graduation. During that tour, she experienced at first hand the difference in cultures. She says, “it's difficult to avoid bias when we speak of our own experiences from their unique perspectives. So, it's totally different to experience educational culture in different parts of the world for ourselves. I was deeply impressed”. In 2018, Viola visited the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), as part of an exchange with education students there. During the eye-opening 12-day tour, she visited learning centres for small children, primary schools, secondary schools, special education schools and teacher-training centres in Chicago. Educated in Canada, Viola is no stranger to different education systems. Yet the exchange still gave her 在 香港,小學教師各司其職、各有專長;在美 國,小學教師卻要負責教授所有核心科目,包 括:英文、數學、科學及人文學科等,而各州份的教學 制度亦有差別。英國語文教育榮譽學士 —小學課程畢 業生 臧薇慧(Viola) ,在學時曾參與教大「學校體驗 交流團」,親身體驗了兩地文化的差異。她說:「每個 人都有自己的角度和取向,只聽別人描述,難免會有 偏差。能身歷其境,感受不同地方的教育文化,印象 格外深刻。」 Viola於二零一八年到訪美國伊利諾伊大學厄巴納- 香檳分校(UIUC),與當地的準教師交流。在十二天 的旅程中,她亦訪問了芝加哥的幼兒教育中心、小 學、中學、特殊學校及師訓機構,大開眼界。Viola曾 在加拿大接受教育,對海外教育制度早有認識,但親 身走進不同學校,與當地教師交流,令她能更深入瞭 解當地的學與教議題,從而比較不同國家的教育文 化及教學模式,以及師資培訓方面的差異。她現於香 Learning and Teaching 學與教 12 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育