Education-plus December 2020 | 超越教育 2020年12月

AI education for the future 人工智能教育迎未來 There is an old adage which says we should not confine children to our own learning, as they are born in a different time. This is as relevant today as ever, with children growing up in a world where information and communications technology (ICT) is the norm, and artificial intelligence (AI) is ubiquitous. AI technology makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, and is used to assess risks to our health, inform us of market trends or sell us products based on previous trends and choices. In the coming years the technology’s capacity will be greater still and it is therefore essential that younger generations are able to understand how it works and view it with a critical eye. EdUHK has recently made two important moves to enable future educators to teach AI and the latest in ICT to schoolchildren. The first involves a partnership with technology company Microsoft Hong Kong, covering different areas including AI, ICT competency and the classroom of the future. It will integrate AI elements into the BEd 古諺有云:不應以一己標準,限制孩子學習方式,因 為他們出生於不同年代。這句話至今依然貼切、適 用,正因當今孩子成長於資訊及通訊科技為主流的時 代,而AI更是無處不在。 人工智能科技令機器可以從經驗中學習,並用以評估 健康風險、預示市場趨勢,甚至根據人們過往傾向及 選擇而推銷產品。未來數年,這項技術的能力勢將持 續增強,因此,我們必須讓年輕一代理解它的運作原 理,並懂得如何批判。 教大近期有兩個重大舉措,有助未來教師在課堂教 授AI,以及最新的資訊及通訊科技。 首先是與科技企業Microsoft香港合作,涵蓋AI、提 升資訊及通訊科技能力,以及建設未來教室等不同 領域。藉著是次合作,教大將於「數學教育」及「資 訊及通訊科技教育」學士課程加入AI元素,並開辦 「人工智能與教育科技」碩士課程。 EdUHK is working on two AI-related initiatives, empowering student teachers to ready schoolchildren for current and future computer technology. 教大現正開展兩項與人工智能(AI)相關的新計劃,裝備準教師,好讓學生適應現時及未來的電腦科技。 12 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育