Education-plus December 2020 | 超越教育 2020年12月

Parenting education has become an increasingly popular area of study in recent years. By bringing together experts from this field, the Centre for Child and Family Science (CCFS) at EdUHK has taken the lead in researching the secrets and myths behind healthy parent-child relationships. Techniques based on science The Take a SIP video series invites families to try out techniques based on fundamental principles of parenting, supported by scientific research findings. ‘SIP’ is an acronym for ‘Science-Informed Parenting’ and the series gives mothers and fathers small ‘sips’ of parenting techniques, in the form of 13 five-minute episodes. 近年,家長教育成為熱門研究範疇。教大兒童與家庭 科學中心(中心)不但帶領有關研究,更匯聚相關專 家,為大眾解構健康親子關係背後的秘密。 科學實證 Take a SIP互動短片邀請多個家庭,親身實踐具科 學根據的親子基本理論。S-I-P是Science-Informed Parenting的英文縮寫,意思是「以研究理論去支援家 長教養」,父母可藉著每集長約五分鐘,合共十三集 的短片系列,學習不同的教養技巧。 The University has launched ‘Take a SIP’, a series of short videos on science-informed parenting. 教大推出Take a SIP互動短片,為家長介紹一系列有科學實證的教養方法。 Useful parenting tips in small doses 細味實用親子理論 Dr Ian Lam Chun-bun 林俊彬博士 Dr Eva Lau Yi-hung 劉怡虹博士 Transforming Knowledge 知識轉化 16 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育