Education-plus June 2021 | 超越教育 2021年6月

When we were young, we would save our pocket money to buy sweets or toys. Nowadays, there are all manner of choices when it comes to spending. Knowing how to allocate and use funds appropriately comes down to our own personal financial knowledge. EdUHK, in partnership with FoolProof Foundation International from the United States, has founded the educational platform Facts and Figures Generation (FFG) to promote financial education and cultivate financial literacy in Hong Kong. The FFG course comprises five units covering beginners’ financial management concepts, the uses and pitfalls of credit, financial budgeting and retirement planning. The course includes abundant learning videos, lesson plans and exercises for secondary students. It also allows students to log in to the platform to complete the assessments and learn independently. Teachers can ascertain their level of attainment by comparing the test results before and after the course. While developing and producing the platform, EdUHK invited eight secondary schools with over 870 students to participate in the pilot study. All students attempted and completed three or more units and 15% completed as many as five. The overall average score of their assessments before and after the course increased from 47 to 65 points, an increase of 38%, confirming the platform is effective in improving students' understanding of financial management concepts. Furthermore, the platform won the Education Champion Award and the Financial Education Champion-Quality Award from the Investor and Financial Education Council. 小時候,我們會把零用錢儲起來,用來購買糖果和 玩具。今時今日,消費選擇五花八門,如何適當分配 及運用資金,是一門個人理財學問。教大夥拍美國 FoolProof Foundation International,創立「講求事 實數據的新一代」網上平台,冀在港推動理財教育, 培育理財素養。 「講求事實數據的新一代」課程共有五個單元,涵蓋 理財導論、信用卡使用及陷阱、財務預算及儲蓄,以 及退休計劃等課題。課程包括大量學習短片、為中學 生而設的教案和討論練習,學生可登入平台完成測 驗,自主學習;教師則可透過比對前後測驗結果,掌 握他們的學習進度。 在開發及製作平台期間,教大曾邀請八間中學、逾八 百七十名學生參與試點研究。所有學生均參加及完成 三個或以上單元,其中逾一成半人更完成五個單元, 他們的前後測驗整體平均分由四十七分上升至六十 五分,進步增幅達百分之三十八,印證平台對提升學 生理財概念的成效顯著。平台更於今年榮獲投資者 及理財教育委員會頒發「理財教育獎2021」及「理財 教育獎2021—質量」大獎。 Cultivating financial literacy 培育理財素養 10 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育