Education-plus June 2021 | 超越教育 2021年6月

Exodus Sit Chun-long 薛俊朗 Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Primary) (One-year Full-time) 學位教師教育文憑(小學)(一年全日制) President’s Commendation – Leadership 校長嘉許狀 — 領袖才能 Imagine holidaying in the United States, only to get up in the early hours of the morning, catch a train, a bus or even hitchhike, then trek for three or four hours more up the mountains. The motivation for all this effort is to discover the mysteries of the starry sky. This enthusiasm for astronomy has driven Exodus to study for a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), so he can become a teacher and promote science education by combining traditional knowledge with modern media. In junior secondary school, Exodus was already overflowing with curiosity about space, and would often climb onto the roof of his home to stare at the stars. At university, Exodus was not only president of the astronomical society, but promoted astronomy education through online platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. “Astronomy is closely related to life. Because it covers many subjects, I also think it can be a topic in STEM education. Using astronomy as a basis can extend and develop different areas of knowledge, including archaeology, natural history and information technology,” he says. Furthermore, he has also written STEM education columns for different newspapers and served as a guest speaker at the Hong Kong Space Museum and the Hong Kong Science Museum, sharing his experience and knowledge of astronomy with the public. When Exodus qualifies to become a primary school teacher, he hopes to make use of the creative pedagogy and curriculum design he has learnt at EdUHK. He believes that knowledge of astronomy can inspire children to learn and explore in science classes. “After completing my PGDE, I want to consider the learner’s needs and provide individualised teaching according to each child’s ability,” he says. As well as being an astronomer, Exodus also plays piano. During the summer holidays in 2019, he sent a weather balloon to the edge of space, with a speaker and sheet music of his own composition attached. The song he wrote was about protecting the night sky, and he wanted this message to reverberate around space. 一趟美國渡假之旅,竟由清晨開始,輾轉乘搭鐵路列 車、巴士,沿途更要攔截順風車,再徒步三至四小時 攀上山峰。為了追尋星空的奧妙,俊朗歷盡顛簸。對 天文學的狂熱,亦驅使他選修學位教師教育文憑,冀 透過結合傳統知識與新媒體,推動科普教育。 初中時,俊朗已對太空充滿好奇,經常走到家中天台 觀星。升讀大學後,他不但擔任校內天文學會會長, 更開始透過YouTube及Facebook等網上平台推廣 天文教育。他說:「天文學與生活息息相關,可成為 STEM的跨學科學習主題。以天文學為中心,可延伸 發展不同的知識領域,包括:考古學、自然歷史及資 訊科技等。」 他亦有為不同報章撰寫STEM教育專欄,並分別於香 港太空館和香港科學館擔任客席講者,與大眾分享觀 星心得和天文知識。 俊朗展望將來擔任小學教師時,可運用所學的創意教 學法和課程設計,以天文知識啟發學生的學習動力, 帶領他們探索不同的科學應用。他說,在教大修讀學 位教師教育文憑後,學會代入學習者的角度,思考教 學流程,會考慮對方的學習需要和感受,因材施教。 熱愛音樂的俊朗亦結合音樂和天文,於二零一九年暑 假將一首自創天文廣東歌,透過探太空氣球,載著音 樂播放器及樂譜,送到太空邊緣,讓保護夜空的訊 息,在星際迴盪。 Using astronomy to inspire 以天文激發靈感 People 人物 22 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育