Education-plus Dec 2021 | 超越教育 2021年12月

Transforming the classroom Over the past few decades, our classrooms have evolved, from the mere use of ‘chalk and talk’ to overhead projectors and interactive whiteboards. The focus has also shifted from a teacher-centred approach to a student-centred one, with the wider use of technology. Advances in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) have opened up new possibilities to better engage and assess students in classroom teaching. A forward-looking project undertaken by a cross- disciplinary team at EdUHK has been launched to explore the synergy between pedagogies and technology. 革新課堂 過去數十年,課堂不斷進化,教師由手執粉筆,不斷 講課,到利用投影機及互動白板輔助教學。課堂亦由 教師中心變成學生中心,所應用的科技愈來愈廣。虛 擬實境、擴增實境及人工智能方面的科技躍進,為吸 引學生及評估他們的表現,帶來更多新的可能性。有 見及此,教大的跨部門小組開展具前瞻性的項目,加 強教學法與科技之間的協同效應。 The future of learning and teaching 學與教的未來 Modern technology is greatly changing the way schoolchildren learn. EdUHK’s ‘Future Classrooms’ project is preparing prospective and in-service teachers to that end. 現代科技大大改變了學童的學習方式。教大「未來教室」項目助現職教師及準教師做好準備。 Learning and Teaching 學與教 10 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育