Education-plus Dec 2021 | 超越教育 2021年12月

Three areas of parental influence How Chinese parents can promote positive development in their children was one of the EdUHK research areas given a 4-star rating in the University Grants Committee’s latest Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) Education Panel. The rating came in the new impact category and represents “outstanding impact in terms of their reach and significance”. The research, by EdUHK’s Dr Ian Lam Chun-bun and Dr Eva Lau Yi-hung , studies how parents in Hong Kong can have a positive influence on their children. The lack of parental guidance based on local culture, compared to the wealth of that emanating from Western studies, motivated Dr Lam and Dr Lau to embark on identifying effective parenting strategies in the Chinese context. Their work highlights three major areas: the importance 三個家長影響的範疇 大學教育資助委員會最新研究評審工作的教育評審 小組,給予教大一份關於華人家長如何促進正向教育 的研究四星評級。評級來自新增的「研究影響」評審 元素,印證上述研究就影響範圍和重要性而言有出眾 的影響。研究由教大學者 林俊彬博士 和 劉怡虹博士 合作進行,探究香港家長如何為子女帶來正面影響。 與西方社會相比,本土文化缺乏有關家長教養的指 引,促使林博士和劉博士決定研究華人社會的有效教 養策略。他們的研究包含三個主要領域:在幼兒園學 齡時期,父母共同參與的重要性、家庭活動對發展兒 童「硬技能」(與字母和數字相關的知識)的貢獻,以 Promoting children’s positive development 促進兒童正面發展 Research by EdUHK scholars reveals how Hong Kong parents have an important influence on how their young child develops. 教大學者研究揭示香港家長如何對其子女的成長造成莫大影響。 RAE 4-Star research series 研資局四星評級研究系列 12 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育