Education-plus Dec 2021 | 超越教育 2021年12月

Two young EdUHK scholars are among those who have been awarded the prestigious Research Grants Council (RGC) Postdoctoral Fellowship. 教大兩名青年學者獲研究資助局(研資局)博士後獎學金。 “Before my doctoral studies, I worked as a Research Assistant in EdUHK for more than two years. In handling different projects relating to children, I gained valuable experience conducting studies in the education field. More importantly, these experiences strengthened my interest in research regarding children. I knew EdUHK would be the best choice for me to pursue my PhD in development and education thanks to its high ranking in the area. My doctoral years were happy; the atmosphere of our lab was always relaxed. With the encouragement of my supervisor I chose a relatively new research topic: embodied learning in Chinese children. Unlike traditional teaching methods, embodied learning focuses on interactions between learners, learning materials, and environments. With the findings of my dissertation, I prepared my proposal for the RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship. The faculty’s administrative staff helped me with the application process. In my three-year fellowship, I will explore the roles of embodied approaches in different aspects of children’s development and education. With continuous support from the University, I believe that the fellowship programme will further improve research capacities, and I will be able to contribute to studies in the area of education” 「攻讀博士學位前,我曾於教大任職研究助理逾兩年,處理多個與兒童相關的不 同項目,從而累積寶貴經驗,學會如何進行教育範疇研究,更加深對兒童相關課題 的研究興趣。教大在教育領域方面,於亞洲區享負盛名,我深信這正是我繼續學術 旅途、攻讀博士的理想地方。 我的讀博生涯非常愉快,實驗室的氛圍亦令人十分舒鬆。在研究生導師鼓勵下,我 選擇了一個嶄新的研究題目:中國兒童的具身學習。與傳統教學法不同,具身學習 側重於學習者、學習材料和環境之間的相互作用。在學院職員的協助下,我根據自 己的論文發現,向研資局博士後獎學金計劃遞交了申請。 在為期三年的博士後旅途中,我將探索具身學習方式在兒童不同發展範疇及教育 方面的角色。我相信在大學的持續支援下,是次獎學金計劃定可進一步提升我個 人的研究實力,在教育領域研究方面作出貢獻。」 Fellowships awarded to young scholars 青年學者獲授獎學金 Campus L i fe 校園生活 14 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育 Dr Amelia Xu Zhengye 許崢燁博士