Education-plus Dec 2021 | 超越教育 2021年12月

Opportunities through education 書山有路勤為徑 Growing up in a rural family in Guangdong, the idea of studying abroad was never on Dr Cora Xu Lingling’s mind, until a scholarship scheme brought her to the then HKIEd (now EdUHK) in 2002. “It was eye-opening and transformative,” says Dr Xu, who is currently an Assistant Professor at Durham University in the United Kingdom. Education reshapes destiny “When I first arrived at EdUHK, I could hardly understand anything in class and my pronunciation was so poor that nobody knew what I was talking about!” she recalls. Thanks to the overseas immersion at York University in Toronto, together with a series of language enhancement activities offered by EdUHK, she completed the BEd with first-class honours and went on to spend five years as an English teacher in Hong Kong secondary schools. While being a school teacher was fulfilling, Dr Xu was concerned about the dearth of educational options for students with difficult socio-economic backgrounds. This observation, combined with her own background, motivated Dr Xu to step out of the classroom and examine education systems from a different perspective. 在廣東一個農村家庭長大,許玲玲博士從沒想過可以 實現負笈海外升學的夢想。藉著一筆獎學金,許博士 於二零零二年入讀當時的教院(現為「教大」),成為 她人生的轉捩點。目前,許博士於英國杜倫大學擔任 助理教授。她憶述在教大的求學時光,直言:「這趟旅 程令我眼界大開,脫胎換骨!」 知識改變命運 她娓娓憶述當年:「入讀教大初期,我對課堂內容一 知半解,加以英語發音欠佳,幾乎沒有人明白我說些 甚麼!」後來,她參加海外語文沉浸計劃,前往多倫多 約克大學交流,並參與了一系列教大校內的英語增潤 課程,最終以一級榮譽成績完成教育學士學位。畢業 後,她在本地中學擔任英文教師逾五年。擔當人師, 固然為許博士帶來無比滿足感,卻同時令她發現,不 少學生在選擇教育途徑時,往往受其社會及經濟背景 局限。她十分關注此現象,加上其個人成長背景,便 毅然走出教室,從不同層面剖析及研究教育制度。 People 人物 18 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育 Alumna Dr Cora Xu Lingling 校友許玲玲博士