Education-plus July 2022 | 超越教育 2022年7月

In support of the school sector, EdUHK is collaborating with local publishers to launch a series of teaching materials and online resources on the Basic Law, national security and related topics, targeting kindergarten and primary school students. The teaching contents are being developed by curriculum development experts and frontline educators, with advice from the University’s scholars. A handy education kit on Hong Kong’s historic return to mainland China has also been made available online for parents and teachers of kindergartens, to tie in with the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Primary school students will be taught in five major learning areas, namely constitutional and Basic Law education, national security education, national security law, Hong Kong’s rule of law and citizenship education. In addition to legal knowledge, Chinese culture and history, the national flag and national emblem, an overview of national 教大夥拍本地出版商,推出《基本法》、國家安全和 相關議題的教材及線上學習資源,對象為幼稚園及小 學生,以支援學界。 教材內容由資深課程設計專家及前線教育工作者編 寫,並由教大學者擔任顧問。適逢今年是香港回歸祖 國二十五周年的歷史性時刻,有關學習資源亦已上載 至線上平台,供幼稚園家長和教師使用。 《基本法》及國家安全教育教材套的內容圍繞「《憲 法》及《基本法》教育」、「國家安全教育」、「國安 法」、「法治精神」及「公民教育」五大學習範疇。除 法律知識外,教材亦涵蓋中華文化及歷史、國旗國 徽、國家發展概況,以及其他全球議題等。每個年級 包括四個單元,各單元均有獨立的學習手冊。此外, 為提升學習興趣,團隊亦會推出二十四段動畫短片, 配合單元教學。 Teaching of Basic Law and national security 推動基本法及國家安全教育 EdUHK develops e-learning resources on Hong Kong’s return to China for kindergarten students 教大推出專為幼稚園學童而設的七一回歸線上學習資源 Source: EVIGarten Learning and Teaching 學與教 10 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育