Education-plus July 2022 | 超越教育 2022年7月

Voucher scheme In 2007, the Government launched a Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme (PEVS). By giving parents a fee subsidy, in the form of a voucher, the scheme’s aim was to provide affordable and quality early childhood education. The flat rate voucher, calculated on the basis of half-day kindergarten programmes, was designed to enhance parents’ choices and the quality of provision. To understand the scheme’s effects, Dr Gail Yuen Wai-kwan , Associate Professor at EdUHK’s Department of Education Policy and Leadership, and her colleagues began conducting a series of studies. The impact of their research was further extended through extensive knowledge transfer and public engagement. The entire process spanned over 10 years and was given a 4-star rating (outstanding impact in terms of reach and significance) by the Education Panel in the University Grants Committee’s 2020 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). Effects The first two studies involved surveys, focus groups, and interviews with over 1,700 parents of different socio-economic backgrounds, regarding their kindergarten choices and their views on the voucher scheme. Both studies found that, compared with children from more affluent families, those from disadvantaged backgrounds encountered barriers to accessing kindergartens because of the different ways of choosing available to parents, and limitations in those choices. Two additional studies were then conducted in 2010. One involved over 10,000 parents and found that whole-day kindergartens were attended mostly by children with both parents working and from poorer families. The other surveyed over 1,400 kindergarten teachers and revealed a 學券計劃 二零零七年,政府推行學前教育學券計劃(下稱學券 計劃),旨在為三至六歲的幼兒提供可負擔和具質素 的教育。學券計劃以幼稚園半日制課程為基礎,計算 定額資助,藉此令家長有更多的選擇和提升教育質 素。 教育政策與領導學系副教授 袁慧筠博士 和她的團隊, 為了解學券計劃成效,開展一系列研究。隨著廣泛的 知識轉化和全面的公眾參與,該研究的影響力不斷擴 大,整個過程跨越逾十年,並在大學教育資助委員會 「2020年研究評審工作」中,獲得教育評審小組四星 評級,即在相關範疇及意義上有傑出影響。 政策成效 首兩個研究涵蓋問卷調查、聚焦小組和訪談,涉及超 過一千七百名來自不同社經背景下的家長,了解他們 如何選擇幼稚園,以及對學券計劃的意見。研究結果 發現,與較富裕家庭相比,弱勢家庭之選擇取向和選 項備受限制,造成幼兒在教育上的障礙。 二零一零年,團隊繼續進行兩個研究。第一個研究 涉及逾萬名家長。調查發現,就讀全日制幼稚園的幼 兒,大多數是來自雙職和較貧困的家庭。另一個研究 則涉及逾一千四百名幼稚園教師,調查反映受訪教師 普遍感到工作壓力沉重和士氣低落,原因是政策要求 質素保證和提升專業資歷,加上繁重的非教學職責、 專業發展不明朗,以及取消建議薪級表,令幼稚園教 師百上加斤。 Making a difference in education policy 教育政策創不同 RAE 4-star research series 研資局四星評級研究系列 Transforming Knowledge 知識轉化 12 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育