Education-plus July 2022 | 超越教育 2022年7月

Crucial foundations Since retitling in 2016, EdUHK has taken significant strides in its research capability. In the University Grants Committee’s (UGC) 2020 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), many of the University’s submissions in education, earth sciences, geography, Chinese language and literature, and psychology, among other areas, were judged to be “World Leading” or “Internationally Excellent”. “The results were impressive, especially as the RAE was performed just four years into EdUHK’s life as a university,” says Professor Chetwyn Chan Che- hin , who became Vice President (Research and Development) in July 2021. He sees the University as having taken a crucial first step, in broadening its scope of research through its Education-plus approach. “This merely reflects the beginning of the journey; but we have a lot more work to do,” he adds. 奠定根基 自二零一六年正名後,教大在研究實力方面有顯著進 展。在大學教育資助委員會「2020年研究評審工作」 中,教大在教育、地球科學、地理學、中國語言及文 學,以及心理學等方面的多項研究,均獲評定為「世 界領先」和「國際卓越」水平。 於二零二一年接任教大副校長(研究與發展)的 陳智 軒教授 表示:「正名大學不過短短四年,教大在研究 評審工作方面的成績實在令人鼓舞。」他認為,在「教 育為本,超越教育」的策略下,教大已經邁出關鍵的 第一步,但在擴大學術及研究領域則只是起步,仍需 大力發展研究和知識轉移。 EdUHK’s research and knowledge transfer has come far in the last five years. Now it’s time to build on that hard work. 過去五年,教大在研究和知識轉移方面均取得長足發展。 百尺竿頭,正是更進一步的大好時機。 Taking the next step 邁步向前 02 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育 Feature 專題