Education-plus July 2022 | 超越教育 2022年7月

How do you solve poverty without destroying the natural environment? 如何在不破壞自然環境下 解決貧窮問題? How do you change a society which is unjust in terms of wealth and equality? That was the question Professor Mark Mason of EdUHK’s Department of International Education (IE) frequently asked himself when growing up in Cape Town in the 1980s and early 1990s. It was the time of apartheid, a system of institutionalised racial segregation which existed formally in South Africa until 1994. Professor Mason wanted to play an active role in bringing about social equality. “One positive way to do this was through education,” he says. 如何改革一個貧富不均及不公平的社會?這是教大 國際教育學系Mark Mason教授於八零年代至九零 年代初期,在南非開普敦成長時,不斷反思自詰的問 題。當時,南非正實行種族隔離政策,直至一九九四 年才告一段落。此後,Mason教授致力推動實現社會 平等。他直言:「其中一個可行方法,便是教育!」 Facilitating global change through education 以教育促進全球變革 06 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育 Interv iew 專訪 Professor Mark Mason Mark Mason 教授