Education-plus July 2022 | 超越教育 2022年7月

Every child matters, and educational experiences when young, often leave an impression on people for the rest of their lives. For Dr Chrysa Keung, Assistant Professor of EdUHK’s Department of Education Policy and Leadership (EPL), the development of children from socio- economically disadvantaged backgrounds is a key focus of her work. Her aim is to help young children develop positive thinking from an early age. “A change in mindset can be initiated from the kindergarten stage, and parents, teachers, and even children do not allow external conditions to limit their thinking and future development,” she says. 每個孩子都獨一無異,而他們年幼時的學習經歷,亦 往往會成為眾人心中的烙印,影響一生。教育政策與 領導學系助理教授姜培芝博士關注社經背景弱勢兒 童的成長,冀能從小協助幼兒建立積極思維。她說: 「這可由幼稚園教育開始,帶動心態改變,不論是家 長、教師,甚或是幼兒,都不會因為外在條件,限制了 他們的思考和發展空間。」 An EdUHK scholar is investigating how teachers can address the needs of children from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. 教大學者正研究教師可如何關顧社經背景弱勢兒童之需要。 Adapting teaching to all children 調整教學方針 關顧幼兒差異 Dr Chrysa Keung 姜培芝博士 16 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育 People 人物