Education-plus Dec 2022 | 超越教育 2022年12月

A modern vision Mention of the subject of home economics may bring to mind visions of learning how to bake a cake or sew. However, Dr Andy Tse Choi-yeung , Acting Head of EdUHK’s Department of Health and Physical Education, has an altogether different view. “My vision of modern home economics is about practical life skills that everyone needs in today’s world,” he explains. “It includes the contents of a wide range of disciplines, connecting knowledge, skills, culture and behaviour that can help our children and teenagers lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.” According to Dr Tse, the modern version of Home Economics is not just about learning how things are made, but also how they work and the effect they have on us. “Young people need to learn about things like nutrition, dietetics, textiles, sustainability, consumption and technology. They can therefore make informed choices, such as what clothes to buy, what food to eat and how to keep fit and healthy,” he adds. Only last year, EdUHK-published research found that local young adults lacked knowledge to select healthy meals, and tended to choose nutritionally inadequate, pre-packaged foods. It also noted that public education to promote awareness of a balanced diet played a pivotal role in positively changing people’s eating behaviour. Yet, Hong Kong currently lacks educators who have the expertise to teach this in schools. The trend for ‘fast fashion’ demonstrates the necessity for young people to understand how textiles are produced. According to UNCTAD, every year the fashion industry uses enough water to meet the needs of five million people, and is responsible for more carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. 現代觀點 一提起家政科,不少人或會即時聯想到「焗蛋糕」或 者是縫紉。教大健康與體育學系署理系主任 謝采揚 博士 卻有截然不同的想法。他說:「我認為,現今的家 政科與現實生活息息相關,是每個現代人必須具備 的生活技能。它涵蓋廣泛的學科內容,結合知識、技 能、文化和行為,有助兒童和青少年建立健康和可持 續的生活方式。」 謝博士認為,現今的家政科不僅要學習怎樣製作東 西,還要了解背後原理及相關影響。他解釋:「年輕人 需要學習營養保健、紡織,環境的可持續發展、消費 及科技等知識,才能作出明智選擇,例如知道該穿甚 麼、吃甚麼及如何保持健康等。」 去年,教大一項研究發現,本地年輕人缺乏對健康飲 食的知識,因而傾向選擇營養不足的包裝食品。研 究並指出,要有效改變市民的飲食習慣,提升均衡營 養意識的公眾教育,至關重要。可惜,現時香港正缺 乏具備相關知識及專業技能的教育工作者。此外, 「速食時裝」盛行,亦反映年輕人需要了解服裝生產 過程,對環境造成的影響。聯合國貿易和發展會議的 數據顯示,時裝界的每年用水,足以滿足五百萬人的 日常需求,而產生的碳排放量更超過所有國際航班和 海運的總和。 New approach to home economics and technology teaching 家政與科技教學新理念 EdUHK is launching Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma programmes, to provide educators with the skills to teach important life skills. 教大即將推出全新的教師專業進修及 教育文憑課程,培育準教師教授重要的 生活技能。 Learning and Teaching 學與教 10 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育