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International study The study’s results were recently published in Nature Climate Change , an academic journal which is ranked in the top 5% in its field. With global emissions of carbon dioxide escalating at record high levels, the oceans are becoming more and more acidic, which can affect the reproduction of many marine species. This research has been conducted over a period of two years, and the seven scholars from South Korea, Hong Kong, mainland China and the United States examined the long-term effects of ocean acidification on marine biodiversity and the food chain. The scholars included Professor Rudolf Wu Shiu-sun , Advisor (Environmental Science) at EdUHK’s Department of Science and Environmental Studies. 國際研究 研究結果近月刊載於《自然氣候變化》國際權威學 術期刊(此期刊於相關領域位列首5%)。隨着全球碳 排放量飆升至有紀錄以來最高,海洋酸化速度不斷 加快,不少海洋物種的繁殖亦大受影響。七名來自南 韓、香港、內地和美國的學者,包括教大科學與環境 學系顧問(環境科學) 胡紹燊教授 ,聯手進行為期兩 年的研究,探索海洋酸化對生物多樣性及食物鏈的長 遠影響。 Breakthrough marine study published in Nature Climate Change 《自然氣候變化》刊海洋研究突破成果 In what is considered as a major breakthrough in the study of marine biology, research co-authored by EdUHK has discovered that a major type of marine species can develop a new way and adapt to ocean acidification. 教大參與的一項研究發現,一種主要的海洋物種為適應海洋酸化環境,發展了自我修復機制, 被視為海洋生物學研究的重大突破。 Transforming Knowledge 知識轉化 12 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育