Education-plus Dec 2022 | 超越教育 2022年12月

Innovation in communications has rapidly changed global society in recent decades. We now live in a post-industrial information age, characterised by ubiquitous and globalised usage of digital technologies. As well as for global communication, these technologies can also be used for effective learning and teaching. “The speed of change means there’s a need to educate university students and the future workforce on global issues of media education, from intercultural and multilingual perspectives. Educators also need to acquire competence in digital pedagogy, as well as an understanding of the basic mechanisms of online learning and the ability to assess and support their development,” says Professor John Lee Chi Kin, Vice President (Academic) and Provost, who is also Project Investigator for EdUHK, and UNESCO Chair in Regional Education Development and Lifelong Learning. 近數十年來,通訊的突破和創新,迅速改變了全球社 會。我們正處於後工業資訊世代,數碼科技應用在全 球無處不在。除了全球通訊,這些科技亦可成為有效 的學與教工具。身兼教大學術及首席副校長的項目首 席研究員(本身亦為聯合國教科文組織區域教育發 展與終身學習教席)李子建教授表示:「在瞬息萬變 的世界,我們需要大學生及未來職場的生力軍從跨 文化和多語言的角度切入,學習與媒體教育相關的全 球議題。教育工作者亦需要習得數碼教學法的能力, 理解網上學習的基本運作,以及評估和支持學生發展 的能力。」 Tropics meet the Arctic in UNESCO online learning project 與芬蘭大學攜手 參與聯合國教科文組織網上學習計劃 EdUHK has teamed up with the University of Lapland in Finland to develop digital pedagogy, through the UNITWIN/UNESCO Network. 教大與芬蘭拉普蘭大學攜手,藉著聯合國教科文組織教席和姊妹大學計劃(UNITWIN/UNESCO),推動 數碼教學法。 University of Lapland, Arto Viiri Wor ld Views 世界視野 14 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育