Education-plus Dec 2022 | 超越教育 2022年12月

Developing pedagogical competences To achieve this, EdUHK and the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) have co-established the Centre of Excellence in Higher Education Teaching and Learning and Innovations, and teachers from five Cambodian universities have been awarded places on EdUHK’s Doctor of Education (EdD) programme, through scholarships funded by the World Bank’s Higher Education Improvement Project. “Like many others around the world, university teachers in Cambodia have deep expertise in their field but may not get the opportunity to develop their pedagogical competencies,” explains principal investigator, Professor Lim Cher Ping, Chair Professor of Learning Technologies and Innovation at EdUHK. He first met Cambodian university rectors and the Director-General for Education (DGE) at a workshop in Siem Reap, 10 years previously. In 2018, the DGE contacted him about sharing promising practices. “The 加強教學實力 為達成目標,教大和金邊皇家大學共同成立「高等教 育教學與創新卓越中心」;柬埔寨五所大學的教師亦 獲世銀「高等教育改進項目」獎學金支持,入讀本校 教育博士課程。 計劃首席研究員、教大教育科技與教學創新講座教 授林質彬教授解釋道:「與世界各地不少教師一樣, 柬埔寨的大學教師對自己的教學領域有深入認識,卻 未必有機會發展及提升教學能力。」早於十年前,林 教授已在暹粒一個工作坊,與當地的大學校長及教育 處處長會面。及至二零一八年,當地教育處處長再與 林教授接洽,希望學習優秀教學法。林教授說:「當 地大學希望教師在教學上能增加互動,發展可靠、有 效及全面的評估方式。」 EdUHK has begun its partnership with Cambodian universities and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in a World Bank project to build the capacity of higher education teachers for inclusive and quality learning and teaching in the Southeast Asian country. 藉著世界銀行(世銀)項目,教大與柬埔寨多所大學和教育、青年及體育部合作, 協助這個東南亞國家提升高等教育師資,促進共融,實現優質的學與教。 Far-reaching project for education in Cambodia 柬埔寨教育項目影響深遠 02 ︱ Education-plus 超越教育 Feature 專題